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Independent Research by a major PBM

“…the percentage of patients who were compliant, but predicted to be non-adherent, yet stayed adherent after receiving a Didit® was 22%”.

This is why, for starters, insurance companies are providing Didits® to members that fill their prescriptions by mail.


Why does the Didit work?
  1. Using a Didit® is simple.
  2. Stick it on and start flipping over the tabs.
  3. That’s it!

It takes the worry out of taking medications.  We often hear:

“I can’t remember if I took my medication this morning, … should I take it now?”
“Sometimes I spill my pills just to count them.”
“I don’t want to double dose, … but I don’t want to skip it either.”

Using a Didit takes care of these questions and taking medication can become less stressful.

Why should you provide it to your members & customers?

Better health for your customers and members which also means lower costs to you and better star ratings!

Key Factors:

  • Costs less than $1
  • Simple to Use & Very Effective
  • Customers love it and will therefore use it
  • No Programming – No Batteries
  • Works on all containers – can also be placed on medicine cabinets, refrigerator doors, etc.
  • Re-Usable, Day after Day, and Month after Month
  • Easily identifies when meds are taken, AND when they are skipped or forgotten.
  • People who are non-compliant, but think they are, will realize how often they are skipping.
  • Anyone looking at the Didit on the container can see if the med was taken, or not.
  • Keeps medication in original airtight container with label information
  • If any additional reminder is required, an alarm can be set on a watch or smart phone.
  • By having the instant awareness, people get better at taking their medications.




Description: This presentation gives a general breakdown of the three main reasons people are non-compliant, non-adherent. The Didit addresses the group that has the intention to take their medication, but they forget or lose track. It also points out that once the other two reasons people don’t take their meds is resolved, it then becomes likely that they will also have trouble keeping track. The Didit is then explained and how it can help insurance companies and their members as well as pharmacist’s, doctors, and so on, with their patients. 14 min.


Medication Management made EASY


Description: What is the Didit? Perfect viewing for any pharmacists, doctors, nurses, care-givers, etc., to understand how both simple and complicated medication therapy management can be handled with a Didit. All the medication can stay in the original container. 6 min.

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