About Us

The Name, DuBi:

The name came from a combination of sentiment and reality. Starting with the last name, DuBarry, and the “i” for Innovation, DuBi evolved. Many of my family members are innovators and developers, so DuBi felt right for me and the energy around me. That’s the reality. Now for the sentiment, everyone grows up with favorite aunts and uncles, and while I loved them, one in particular inspired me to think beyond and do better and he had a nickname, Uncle DuBi.

Founder’s Notes:

DuBi Inc. develops innovative products. The saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” has never been truer for me and it inspires me to create new helpful products, including The Didit®. When I needed something to help me track my meds, I was looking for the most efficient method out there and couldn’t find anything that seemed practical. It seemed reasonable that I should be able to track my meds right there on the bottle. Knowing when to take them, at a glance of course, seemed equally important and should be included for efficiency. Our first Didit® was developed in white with permanent adhesive which quickly changed to multiple colors and re-attachable. This did require some expensive automation equipment which is kind of exciting to watch and we are glad we Didit®! Other versions will be coming soon. Please stay in touch!



Suzanne DuBarry


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