Combo Pack of 10 Didits – Best Pricing

$ 12.50

Our classic QVC Kit.

8 Medicine Reminders:

2 Sunshine Yellow, 2 Sunset Pink, 2 White, 2 Orange

2 Medicine Counters in White

Product Description

Here you can get two of all four colors of Didit Reminders plus two white Didit Counters.

Using a Didit® Reminder is the easiest way to track when you take your medication once a day, or twice a day. Just stick the Didit® on the container and flip the tab each day the medication is taken. For twice a day, flip over the “2” each evening and reset it in the morning. As you reset it in the morning, you will know you took it the night before. If it wasn’t flipped over, it probably means you didn’t take it the night before.

For multiple times a day, three or more, just use the Didit Counter and count the times away easily and stress free.

If you realize you are forgetting, it’s best to set an alarm on something like a phone or watch.

See our video on how you can use color coding to help keep track.

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